PT. Susanto Ciptajaya

Engineering Consultant

Since 1990

About us

PT. Susanto Ciptajaya has been established in Indonesia since 1990. Our company majors in the fields of Civil and Structural Consulting Services for property as well as industrial sectors.

Ir. Eddy Susanto, MT.

Dabo Singkep, May 17 1955

Engaged in construction since 1990 until now. Has experience of more than 100 projects (buildings, houses, bridges, factories, and others) spread across all regions in Indonesia.


  • Structural Engineer (Ir.) Institut Sains dan Teknologi Nasional (ISTN) – Jakarta
  • Magister of Construction Management (MT) Universitas Tarumanagara – Jakarta
  • Magister of Structure Engineer (MT) Universitas Tarumanagara – Jakarta
  • Doctor Candidate of Construction Management (PHD CAND) Universitas Tarumanagara – Jakarta

Certificate of expertise:

  • Ahli Teknik Bangunan Gedung Utama
  • Ahli Teknik Jembatan Utama
  • Ahli Manajemen Konstruksi Utama
  • Ahli Geoteknik Madya

Current part of:

  • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • PFM (Professional Financial Modeler)
  • HAKI (Himpunan Ahli Konstruksi Indonesia)
  • INKINDO (Ikatan Nasional Konsultan Indonesia)
  • PII (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia)
  • ISGE / HATTI (Indonesian Society For Geothectical Engineering / Himpunan Ahli Teknik Tanah Indonesia)

Our Vision

  • 1. Become a leader in national Service Provider sector (Construction Planning and Management Service) with the highest reputation for quality, innovation, and customer service that organizations and individuals can count on for total solutions in service.
  • 2. Be a comfortable workplace and to provide welfare for employees.
  • 3. Make a real contribution and progress of development in terms of national construction planning and management.

Our Mission

  • 1. Always strive to be creative and innovative, be a strategic and professional partner for customers.
  • 2. Creating innovative and diverse service products with AI, VR and AARI technology.
  • 3. Increase employee knowledge, skills, and professionalism.
  • 4. Provide reliable and appropriate solutions for customers and strive to continuously improve the excellent service required by customers.
  • 5. To be a partner that customers can trust, always maintain a good reputation and continue to improve the company's image.
  • 6. Implement with a commitment to quality insight and prioritizing occupational health and safety, as well as excellence that provides added value to stakeholders.

Why choose Susanto Ciptajaya

Using the services of PT. Susanto Ciptajaya gets the most benefit to your project.

A professional Experience

The president Eddy susanto is granted with 20 years experience in structural Engineer and Site management. Scc employs more than 40 engineers and CAD technicians as well as a 40 person Construction Management staff and has hundreds of references.

A Competitive Price

Despite growth in real income for Indonesia, the salaries of SC's employees are exponentially efficient than the usual cost of any western country, with similar quality for the proposed services. This fundamental truth brings strong competitiveness to our services

A work of quality

SCS is aware of the western standard of quality Applied concept of sustainable green Building. This is precisely the reason why SC shall be certified ISO 9001 by the end of the current fiscal year.

A pioneer approach

Currently, there are several ways to communicate and to transfer data: telephone, facsimile, Internet, skype, DHL etc Thus, distance is no longer a barrier to develop co-operation. In many industries, western companies already rely on strategic alliances with Asia for quality and results.